The UIM E1 Series World Championship: Racing to Sustainability

The UIM E1 Series World Championship officially launched on the 2nd February 2024, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and became the first electric boat racing championship. The championships were Founded by Alejandro Agag, the Founder & CEO of EXTREME E and the Founder & Chairman of FiA Formula E & E1 Series, alongside Rodi Basso, the CEO of the E1 Series. The racing championship will serve as a campaign to raise awareness for environmental sustainability.

The Format

The E1 Series features a straightforward format, with 8 teams competing across 7 locations worldwide this season. Races will span two days, with the first day dedicated to shakedown and practice sessions. The real action unfolds on the second day as teams and pilots progress through knockout heats to secure a spot in the finale, where the ultimate winner will emerge.

Although there are currently eight teams, the series can accommodate up to 12 teams. Each team selects two pilots to share driving duties throughout the event, with regulations stipulating a mixed-gender line-up. Points earned throughout the season will determine the E1 champions, making every race a crucial step towards claiming the title.

The Teams

There are 8 sides competing in the championships backed by celebrity owners across sports and entertainment.

Team Blue Rising – Virat kohli

Aoki Racing Team – Steve Aoki

Sergio Perez E1 Team – Sergio Perez

Team Brady – Tom Brady

Team Brazil – Marcelo Claure

Team Drogba – Didier Drogba

Team Miami – Marc Anthony

Team Rafa – Rafael Nadal


The Calendar

The championships take place across 7 locations across the globe. The First race took place in Jeddah, where Team Brady claimed victory. The remaining calendar is as follows:

– 12th May – Venice, Italy

– 2nd June – Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain

– 30th June – Geneva, Switzerland

– 27th July – Monaco

– 8th September – Rotterdam, Netherlands

– 10th November – Hong Kong, China


The RaceBird

RaceBird, the pinnacle of electric racing boats in the E1 Series, embody precision, efficiency, and agility. All eight teams in the championship exclusively use the RaceBird boat, powered by Mercury Racing’s 100% electric outboard engine, enabling them to reach speeds of 58 MPH with a peak power output of 150 kW (200 bhp). The RaceBirds are equipped with a 35 kWh battery, offering two full charges per race event.

Their design, a result of collaboration with partners like Kreisel, QiOn, Victory Marine, SeaBird Technologies, and McLaren Applied, ensures a seamless blend of speed and eco-conscious performance. With advanced battery technology, propulsion excellence, and innovative charging solutions, RaceBirds redefine marine sports, setting the standard for the next generation of electric racing boats.


Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has entered into a partnership with the E1 Series, alongside Extreme E and Formula E forming a multi-year collaboration known as ‘Electric 360’. This partnership aims to propel the growth of electric motorsport and electric mobility forward.

The ‘Electric 360’ partnership will support the objectives of all three series by enhancing Formula E’s successful race-to-road transfer model, enabling Extreme E to pioneer new frontiers, and leading the charge for E1’s ground-breaking advancements in marine mobility. Other partnerships include Mercury Racing and Mclaren among other large names in motorsport industry.

More than a championship…

The E1 Series stands as a beacon for more than just thrilling sport; it embodies a commitment to energy innovation and sustainability in marine sports. At the forefront of electric water mobility, the championship leads the charge towards a cleaner racing future. This dedication extends beyond the race, with comprehensive waste management strategies implemented to reduce environmental impact at every event. Furthermore, the E1 Series is resolute in its mission to rid oceans of single-use plastics, adopting innovative, eco-friendly solutions like GPS buoys to minimise plastic pollution and promote a plastic-free environment.


The Future of E1 Series

As the sporting landscape increasingly emphasises environmental sustainability, innovative concepts like the E1 Series, Formula E, and Extreme E are becoming crucial fixtures. The E1 Series, being a new and pioneering concept, holds boundless potential. With high-profile celebrity backing, this event stands poised for exponential growth, anticipating expansion in both events and teams with each passing year. The E1 Series represents not just a new era in electric water mobility, but also a promising frontier in the broader movement towards sustainable and eco-conscious sports.

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