Month: May 2020

The Community Stadium

Key Takeaways:   We are investing millions on sporting super structures. Should we be working harder to ensure not just a financial but community ROI.  How do you design sports super structures to fully leverage the asset and deliver an exceptional fan experience? How do these structures compare when we consider the fan offering is …

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Stop Trying To Be Normal

  “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ― Maya Angelou Key Takeaways:   Forgetting the “New Normal” and building a business prepared for instability. Diversity of perspective layered with relevant expertise will enable a business to overcome complex challenges. Re-framing leadership thinking and re-considering “what …

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The Global13 Story

All too often exciting organisations, passionate people, and great ideas fail in spite of their brilliance. Some hit the ground running but fail to adapt where their competitors do, whilst some just lack the experience, governance, or network of partners required to implement their plan. At Global13 we provide advice, proven experience, and a global network of industry experts to ensure that success is a foregone conclusion. Our …

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