The Global13 Story

All too often exciting organisations, passionate people, and great ideas fail in spite of their brilliance. Some hit the ground running but fail to adapt where their competitors do, whilst some just lack the experience, governance, or network of partners required to implement their plan. At Global13 we provide advice, proven experience, and a global network of industry experts to ensure that success is a foregone conclusion. Our Mission is simple: to help extraordinary organisations deliver sporting experiences that inspire the world.

The Global13 team have advised, developed, and activated innovative and ground breaking strategies for national and regional governments, major city projects, and sports governing bodies around the world. The team combined have over a century’s worth of experience dedicated to working in the global sports business; with 100 years of client service across the entire geographical and sporting spectrum under their belts. They are leaders in advisory and consultancy, developing commercial strategies and activating projects with passion, integrity and empathy.

“We (Global13) help passionate people and organisations take their visions for the future of sport and make them a reality. As a passionate sportsman myself I know what it’s like to get caught up in a game and see the immediate scenario rather than the big picture. Sometimes we need an advisor or a coach to add the colour, to give us perspective and create commercially feasible business plans, and Global13 does this”

– Jason Harborow, Managing Director and Special Advisor.

The Global13 Vision is to create sustainable sports strategies that lead to a healthy and active world. We believe that in order to be sustainable a business has to have a good commercial position, relevant partnerships, and strong governance. With this in place implementing strategies for sports organisations across the globe becomes much simpler. The people behind these extraordinary organisations can then channel their passion into the growth of their business and their sport in a positive and impactful way. When it all comes together activation is easy because, for our trusted associates and delivery partners around the world, delivery of high quality, user centric assets, and events are what they do.

Our experience and knowledge ensures we deliver strategies and project solutions that are aligned with your vision and ambitions and position you for success. At Global13 we deliver a strategy to activation and everything in between.


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